Easy and Quick Recipes.

On the table within half an hour.

Always free home delivery.

Wherever your place may be.

Always Delivered for Free.

Every Monday or Every Night with GeezerNow.

Easy and Quick Recipes.

Enjoy Dinner in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Delivery/Return Policy.

All about the delivery of your GeezerBox. Simply written.

We may bring the order to you in multiple shipments, unless this is not possible or otherwise agreed upon with you. We may also bill separately for orders delivered in multiple batches.

If you are not home when we come to deliver your GeezerBox, we will try to deliver it to your neighbors. If this also fails, we will take your GeezerBox back and we will have to arrange a new delivery time.

The cost of this new delivery is yours. From the moment we take your GeezerBox back, we are not responsible for any damage to the products or any spoilage of the fresh products (such as ingredients).

We will deliver your GeezerBox only when all invoices are paid unless we have agreed otherwise with you.

We may refuse delivery if we believe a future payment will not succeed.

If you have not provided your information in time, or at all, before we make the delivery, we may extend the delivery time because all agreed delivery times are not final. You are not entitled to compensation if we cannot deliver your GeezerBox on time because we did not get all the information from you.

When we come to deliver your GeezerBox ourselves, or through another delivery company, we may charge any delivery fees. But don’t worry, this doesn’t happen often. Because we deliver your GeezerBox absolutely free!

In short, no. The right of withdrawal is not possible because your GeezerBox contains perishable products or has a limited shelf life.