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Ready within 15-20 minutes.

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Wherever your place may be.

Always Delivered for Free.

Every Monday or Every Night with GeezerNow.

Easy and Quick Recipes.

Enjoy Dinner in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Ordering food Leiden.

Leiden, the student city par excellence: Affordable Meal Box for students with quick, easy recipes. Order now for convenience and taste.

Why meal box delivery by GeezerBox?

Hopefully we'll convince you and be at your doorstep soon.

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Simple dishes.

For students, by students. Delicious, healthy and simple recipes. Anyone can make it.

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Fresh ingredients.

Our products are fresh and local. Every week we pick up the products so you don’t have to.

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Home Meal Boxes.

All these conveniences, just delivered to your home for free in Leiden. Always. You never have to go out the door again!

Here we deliver your cheap meal box in Leiden.

Check out our entire delivery area.

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At Leiden we deliver your meal box in downtown South and North, Stationsdistrict, Hoge & Lage Mors, Boerhaavedistrict and Roodenburgerdistrict (Lammenschansdriehoek).

Check out our easy meal box here.

Does the student or meal box choose you, or do you choose it?

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GeezerBox subscription

Delivered weekly to your home for free. Eat from as little as โ‚ฌ3.50 per serving! Subscribe to this meal box and expensive trips to the supermarket are a thing of the past. Prepare delicious dishes with our simple recipes with your house mates.

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Do you have or want to organize a Datedinner with your fraternity, sorority, year club, sorority or fraternity soon? Let us cater the three course Dated dinner by delivering all the ingredients! All you have to do is arrange a date and cook.

* With your order you will receive free, simple recipes that you can find here.

Frequently asked questions about meal box ordering.

Especially for the student city of Leiden.

The GeezerBox is delivered by default every Monday (as long as your subscription runs). You choose your own delivery time during the order. Your student and/or meal box can even be delivered as early as 7 a.m., but not everyone is as fresh at that time so feel free to pick the best time for yourself.

The GeezerBox is delivered by default every Monday (as long as your subscription runs). You choose your own delivery time during the order. Your student and/or meal box can even be delivered as early as 7 a.m., but not everyone is as fresh at that time so feel free to pick the best time for yourself.

With GeezerBox, you are not stuck with an expensive monthly subscription, in fact, you can upgrade, pause or cancel your subscription on a weekly basis. Also, there is no cost to terminate (Unlike others meal boxes :$).

It is therefore possible to change the number of days per week on which you receive your student and/or meal box. This way, you remain flexible and therefore not stuck with anything! You can do all this in the environment of your
. Should it fail you can

Yes, sure! We take everyone into account.

While ordering your meal box, you can specify how many people are vegetarian or vegan. That way we can take everyone into account when packing your GeezerBox meal box. Should there be any adjustments to this afterwards, just contact

Yes, happily so!

If you have any allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements, you can fill it in while putting together your meal box. If you only find out about this afterwards you can just

The ingredients land directly from our local supplier into your GeezerBox meal box. On the way to your spot, they are also transported refrigerated. Chill so.

So we don’t store the fresh and local produce in a warehouse first, making it super juicy, crisp and fresh when it arrives at your doorstep. Let that be a relief for a moment.

Because you can pick your own time when your GeezerBox meal box will be delivered, of course we hope not (just kidding).

Of course, it is always possible that if you are not home yet (for example, because you are still shooting up on the terrace). If you are not home, the delivery person or a GeezerBox employee will call you and together we will look for the best solution. Of course, we can also deliver it to your neighbors. But only if you say thank you to them for a moment.

You can sign up for our newsletter to receive welcome discounts on your meal box and/or student box subscription. In addition, there are occasional promotions, but why would you want a discount in the first place? In fact, we are already the cheapest provider!

Of course you can, enjoy!

Just an answer to your question; when you are away from home for a week (or longer), because you are indeed going on vacation or sleeping with your parents for a week, you can very simply pause the subscription in the area of your
. That way you don’t spend money unnecessarily on a subscription you don’t use, and thus no food is wasted. Win-win situation.

Yes, of course.

You can select the number of days per week while ordering your GeezerBox meal box. We then simply deliver the number of meals you need every Monday, you yourself choose when to prepare them with our simple and quick recipes. Furthermore, it is of course also possible to pause your meal box if you don’t want to receive one for a few weeks.

You can change all your data such as personal data, addresses, payment methods and active subscriptions in the environment of your
. Should it fail you can

You can also see everything here, by the way. From orders to your linked social media accounts. Everything in one place!

We are proud of our high reviews.

Read some of our reviews below.

Kate Pipa
Convenient, fresh, fun
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I've enjoyed getting GeezerBox the last month or so. As a student, it's hard to take time to plan out meals and then go grocery shopping, especially on a budget. I appreciate the ease of Geezerbox and knowing that I'll get a nice variety of easy-to-make recipes, always with fresh ingredients and at an affordable price. I very much appreciate this service.
Teddy Quatfass
GeezerNow: Delicious Lasagna Lemon Pesto
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Lasagna ordered and delivered super fast! Super tasty, combination lemon with the pesto & serrano ham! Nice and fresh on a hot day. Good portions, even have leftovers. Super nice, I was also texted if I didn't mind that the Lasagna took a little longer than the average recipe.
Lotte van Ipenburg
Easy and fast!
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Easily put food on the table with the geezer box. Ideal that really everything for the recipe is added, even stock cube etc. To be repeated:)
Daan Canne
The GeezerBox contained everything you needed for a good meal!
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The geezer box contained everything you needed to put down a good meal with a number of people. Clear instructions and fresh produce! And at a good price.
C. Hoppenbrouwers
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Super delicious food, within 15 minutes the food was on the table! Highly recommended for any student, especially with today's supermarket prices
Super tasty and easy meal
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Super tasty and easy meal! Recipe was clear. Communication was also good! So can definitely recommend it.
Super good meal box
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Super good box, good price and communication. Definitely going to use more often!
Rechelle van Steijn
Tasty and easy!
Read More
Super yummy recipes! There are always enough ingredients and are of good quality.
Good solution especially for students...
Read More
Good solution especially for students and also affordable and good products. Definitely highly recommended!

Thanks in advance!