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Easy and Quick Recipes.

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Check out our vegan meals here.

Cooking without animal products. Super conscious!

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tasty & simple dishes - GeezerBox

GeezerBox subscription

Delivered weekly to your home for free. Eat from as little as €3.50 per serving! Subscribe to this meal box and expensive trips to the supermarket are a thing of the past. Prepare delicious dishes with our simple recipes with your house mates.

tasty & simple dishes - GeezerBox


Do you have or want to organize a Datedinner with your fraternity, sorority, year club, sorority or fraternity soon? Let us cater the three course Dated dinner by delivering all the ingredients! All you have to do is arrange a date and cook.

You have received your meal box 📦

Brilliant! So you no longer have to leave your dorm to do expensive shopping. Unpack the meal box and choose the corresponding recipe on this page.

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The meal box contains healthy ingredients, so good for your liver which is working overtime (a little compensation). Slice them and toss them in the pan to cook.

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After some stirring and adding spices, the quick and tasty student meal is ready. Super simple and perfect for a good base for drinking. Only now can you begin to go feral. Enjoy your meal!